Architect Registration

Architects can be registered in one of two divisions of the Register; division 1 for practising architects or division 2 for non-practising architects.

Practising Architects

The practising division is for architects that are currently practising architecture in Western Australia. As a condition of registration, architects in the practising division are required to be covered by at least $1 million of professional indemnity insurance and undertake continuing professional development to ensure their knowledge, skills and competence are up to date.

Non-Practising Architects

The non-practising division is for architects that do not practise architecture in Western Australia. Non-practising architects are retired, academics, interstate or overseas, on extended leave or are not currently practising architecture. Non-practising architects are not required to have professional indemnity insurance or to keep their knowledge, skills and competence up to date.

Application for Registration

If you wish to apply for registration as an architect in Western Australia, have passed the Architectural Practice Exam, and have never been registered in Australia or New Zealand, download a Registration form here.

If you are already registered in another Australian State or Territory, or in New Zealand, and now wish to be registered in Western Australia, download a Mutual Recognition Registration form here.

If you wish to carry on the practice of architecture under any name other than your name that is recorded in the Register, then you will need to apply for approval to use a trading name. Click here to download a Trading Name Approval form.

If you have previously been registered in Western Australia, and now wish to re-register, download the Restore or Transfer to Practising Division form here.

If you have not completed the Architectural Practice Exam click here for further information.