Who is an Architect?

Architects are fully qualified professionals

While virtually anyone can draw up plans and call themselves a building designer, only a person registered by the Board can use the term 'architect'. But the difference is more substantial than just a name.

Architects must have gained approved professional tertiary qualifications or equivalent, have undertaken a minimum period of practical experience, and have successfully completed the oral and written examinations (Architectural Practice Examination) before becoming eligible to apply for registration and qualifying to use the title "architect".

In Western Australia, architects gain their professional qualifications by completing a five year degree course at either the University of Western Australia or Curtin University of Technology graduating as a Master of Architecture. This qualifies them to commence their practical experience but not to use the title "architect". Only after completing two years practical experience, are the graduates able to apply to undertake the final examinations necessary for registration.

Once registered, practising architects are required to undertake continuing professional development activities each year to ensure their knowledge, skills and competence remain current and up to date.

So, when you are working with an architect you will know you are dealing with a fully qualified professional.

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