Building or Renovating?

If you are building or renovating, ‘Architect designed’ is the best decision
you will make.

Your home or commercial building project is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. So it is important to choose an architect because they are fully qualified professionals to help you through what can be a complex process.

Whether you are building or remodelling a house, a retail showroom, an office building, a factory or fitting out an interior, only an architect can give you 'architect designed' quality. And engaging an architect is very affordable, especially when you consider the value they can add to your project.

'Architect designed' buildings are well thought-out.

When an architect designs a building, it is designed for your specific needs.  Individual style is part of the appeal, but it is more than a fashion statement.  An architect will design a customised solution to suit your site, maximising its potential by considering optimum land use, orientation, natural light, space planning, traffic flow, privacy, climate control and environmental factors.

'Architect designed' buildings are worth more.

An architect designed building enhances your working or home life, so it is worth more to you.  An architect’s education, experience and vision can translate into savings, thanks to energy efficiency, the selection of durable finishes and securing the best prices for contractors and materials through competitive tendering.

Most importantly, an architect does much more than draw up plans. He or she is a powerful ally who will look after your interests throughout the building process, from making application for council approval to organising builders, administering contracts and inspecting building work.

‘Architect designed’ buildings are a more valuable investment.

Architect designed buildings sell at a premium, so you can look forward to a higher resale price. You will also find that an architect can make your office more productive, your factory more efficient or your retail outlet more enticing to customers, which means a better bottom line for your business. In fact, an architect’s expertise can translate into many positive financial benefits for you.

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