Complaints and Offences

The Board protects consumers of architectural services in Western Australia by ensuring only properly qualified and competent persons are identified as architects or practising architecture, and by regulating the conduct of architects.

Complaints against Architects

If you are unhappy with the services being provided by an architect, you should first talk with the architect to try to resolve any issues. If you believe your architect is behaving in an unprofessional manner or has contravened the Architects Act 2004, then a complaint can be made to the Board.
For more information about lodging a complaint against an architect, click here to download an information sheet about the Board’s complaints procedure.

Offences - Protection of the Title Architect

It is an offence under the Architects Act 2004 for a person or corporation who is not registered or licensed with the Board, to call themselves an architect or claim to practise architecture.

For more information about protecting the title 'architect', click here to download an information sheet about use of the title 'architect'