About the Board

Protecting consumers and safeguarding the reputation of Architects

In Western Australia, the Board is the body authorised to examine, register and investigate complaints about architects and those fraudulently claiming to be architects.

The Board is a statutory authority and administers the Architects Act 2004. Although the Board reports to State Parliament through the Minister for Commerce, it is entirely self funded by architects. The Board is composed of ten members. Four are elected by architects, six are appointed by the Minister, including four community representatives and two architects.

The Board protects the interests of consumers

Only architects registered by the Board may describe themselves as architects. Under the Architects Act 2004, it is an offence for anyone who is not registered with the Board to call themselves an architect or claim to practise architecture. 

The Board also can discipline architects if they have acted unprofessionally or breached the Act.

The Architects Act 2004 also requires that corporations describing themselves as architects must be licensed with the Board.

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