Architects Board Graduate Award

In 2009 the Architects Board of Western Australia (Board) established a new student prize called the Architects Board Graduate Award.  The Graduate Award is presented annually to two students who have completed the course for the degree of Master of Architecture, one from Curtin University of Technology and one from the University of Western Australia.

The Graduate Award is valued at $5,000 and is awarded to a final year student from each university who, in the opinion of the university faculty and the Board, is most likely to benefit from travel or further study.

Upon completion of their study or travel the recipients of the Graduate Award are required to deliver a presentation to their university and invited members of the Board.

Recipients of the Graduate Award since its inception are listed below: 


Curtin University
of Technology   

The University of
Western Australia
2009 Ryan Beelitz Daniel Carolina Casido
2010 Alexandra Mackenzie Emily van Eyk
2011 Mi Mi Myat Mon Cho Matthew Delroy-Carr
2012 Realino Tan Georgia Taylor-Berry
2013 Sophie Bond Mark Sawyer
2014 Tess O'Brien Rosie Burton
2015   Marilla Hogan                     Hannah Bartlett-Wynne