Architects Board Award

The Architects Board of Western Australia presents an annual award to an architect who has furthered professional and community standards.

The intention of the Award is to recognise architects registered in Western Australia whose attitudes and personal contributions to the profession and/or community have enhanced public confidence in the standing of the profession, and/or promoted public awareness of the profession and the activities of the Board.

There are many architects who, by individual effort and example, ensure that the profession has a respected voice in forming professional and community standards.  It is to those, whose true value may otherwise go unrecognised, who this honour is awarded to.  It is not intended that the Board Award should be made to recognise the successful career of an architect, building design or academic excellence.  It is awarded to recognise special endeavours outside of those which would be considered the normal business activities of an architect.

Recipients of the Board Award since its inception are listed below.


1982   John Duncan

1983   Geoffrey Summerhayes

1984   Stuart J Coll

1985   David Standen

1986   Antony Ednie-Brown

1987   Gresley Cohen

1988   Anthony Brand

1989   Frederick McCardell

1990   Peter Grigg

1991   Ronald (Gus) Ferguson

1992   Michael Croudace

1993   Peter Parkinson

1994   Dennis Silver

1995   Peter Overman

1996   Jeffrey Howlett

1997   Rodney Mollett

1998   Iris Rossen

1999   John Koivisto

2000   Brian J Kidd

2001   Robin Arndt

2002   Michael Broderick

2003   Kenneth Adam

2004   Laurie Hegvold

2005   Brian Wright

2006   Warren Kerr

2007   Peter Hunt

2008   Ronald Bodycoat

2009   Geoffrey London

2010   No award

2011   Philip Griffiths

2012   Ian Hocking

2013   Paul Rossen

2014   Marcus Collins

2015  Peter Lee